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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Release Yourself From Your Attachments

What are you so attached to that it is keeping you from becoming a success Adventure Retreat Leader? We see a lot of new retreat leaders so attached to doing something in a certain way that it keeps them from kicking off their first offering.

Pay attention to the point at which you get stuck when planning a retreat, adventure or outing. At that point, you'll likely find you are overly attached to some aspect of your offering. It could be the kind of people you want on your offering and therefore where you market. It could be the environment you want to retreat in and therefore finding a venue.

What aspects of your upcoming offering that you are being so overly attached to are actually keeping you from moving forward?

Stuck? Adventure Retreat Leader Coaching and/or our Success Team can help.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Time To Take It Outside!

Happy Spring!! It’s time to Take it Outside! 

You’re probably raring to get out there yourself…yet are you perhaps a bit unsure about leading outdoor adventure retreats for others? We can help!

We have 2 audios that will walk you through the nuts and bolts of leading retreats.

Our Adventure Retreat Leader full audio series includes 7 downloadable recordings that follow our detailed 100-point checklist and gives you all the info you need to lead your 1st(or 2nd or 10th) successful adventure. Plus, it includes our Playbook with tons of examples. All of that for just $99.

Or, if you’re feeling uncertain, why not try our Take It Outside! audio introduction, including Playbook and slideshow? For a very low price, you can get some very useful info to help you decide.

Check them out TODAY! Once you’re full steam ahead, wander through the links at Adventure Retreat Leader, where you’ll find our full list of resources and products. Choose whatever suits your fancy.

We’d love to help you to Take It Outside!
In Fun and Adventure,
Patt and Deb

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Leadership Lessons From The Backcountry To The Boardroom

Are you leading Adventures for organizations, taking coworker teams into an environments that encourage a new way of thinking, being and working together?

Here's an interesting National Geographic article that will give you some insights about what happens and how you can use these insights in your marketing material.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Nature Mandalas by Marty Noble

Creative Haven Nature Mandalas Coloring Book (Dover Design Coloring Books)

A coloring book for adults! Now this would be fun for your outdoor Adventure Retreat. Lots of applications for activities and conversations. Just use your imagination and a whole lot of color!

Listen To The Retreats And Getaways SIG April Call

Here's how to access our April Retreats and Getaways SIG session with the wonderful C. J. Hayden of Get Clients Now.

Playback Number: 712-775-7099
Access code: 901847#
Reference number: 36

Next month, May 1, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, our SIG call topic will be Using Nature's Wisdom To Guide Us Through Transitions with Karin Marcus of Stepping Out Coaching and Carol McClelland, author of Seasons of Change : Using Nature's Wisdom to Grow Through Life's Inevitable Ups and Downs

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Retreats And Getaways SIG Meets April 3... Join Us!

The Retreats and Getaways SIG meets again on Thursday April 3, 2014, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern

Our Bridge Number for this call is 712-775-7000 PIN: 901847#

Your Host for this April call is Patt Osborne, Professional Certified Coach of Adventure Coach, Boomer Chick Adventures and Adventure Retreat Leader.

Our topic is Building A Powerful Marketing Plan and our Guest Speaker is Master Certified Coach and Author, C. J. Hayden of Get Clients Now.

Do you want your retreats and getaways to be a success? You need a plan! In this session, you'll learn why you need an action plan (not just a marketing plan), how to choose where to focus your marketing right now, which marketing ideas belong in your plan and which you should ignore, a simple system for managing all your marketing activities, and how to make sure what's on your plan actually gets done.

C. J. Hayden, MCC, is a business coach and author of  Get Clients Now! Since 1992, she's been helping coaches and other independent professionals get clients, get strategic, and get things done.

If you would like the handout for this session, email Patt at patt.adventurecoach@verison.net and put SIG Handout Please in the subject line of your email.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Be A Professional Retreat Leader

We know you love taking others on adventure, in nature, perhaps even the wilds. We know you love to help others explore the unknown within and without.

If you want to make a good business of this, be a Professional. The difference between taking folks on an outing and providing an experience is your level of professionalism.

What do you know about leading Adventure Retreats in nature? We can help with that. Check out our Adventure Retreat Leader Audio Series. Join our Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team.

Now, what else do you need to know about your adventure? Here are some things to learn:

  • Interesting information about the physical environment; climate, weather, land formations, plant life, wildlife...
  • History about the area in which you are playing; settlers, explorers, communities, foods, religions...
  • How to use the equipment on your outing; snowshoes, canoes, rafts, paddle boards...
  • First Aid
  • Additional reading sources about the topic of your offering
  • What else?
 In summary, Know Your Stuff. Being a PROFESSIONAL leader will serve you well.