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Friday, May 21, 2010

Deb Says...Keep Your First Offering Simple

I remember my first retreat. I didn't have a clue. But my retreat partner and I had a strong desire to bring folks together for conversation, insight and an immersion in nature. (More about partnering with someone later)

  • We made our first offering free. We actually collected quite a bit in donations though. That took us a long way towards knowing that what we have to offer has value.
  • The retreat (aka Cool Coaching Campout) was in my backyard. No fancy retreat sites this first time around. I have a wild backyard on the edge of acres of state forest land. A creek, a river and loads of hiking trails were all we needed. I fired up the firepit for the weekend and created plenty of space for indoor and outdoor "camping."
  • We let our participants bring what they wanted to the offering and we let Mother Nature do most of the work. Each day I planted them in a nature-based activity like hiking or rafting. Each night they talked and we listened and we shared.
  • Food was easy. I had the basics on hand. Everyone brought their favorite food and drink. I provided the means to prepare and cook. Mostly we cooked and ate outside. 
Challenge yourself to make your first outing just as simple.
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