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Monday, May 31, 2010

Patt Says...Keep Gifts Simple

Giving your retreat participants a gift is a nice gesture. A simple gift can add to your offering and make it memorable for your participants. However, simplicity is key. You might want to start by combing your local dollar store or toy store for good ideas. Here are some of the items our participants have enjoyed receiving on our retreats.
  • Candles
  • Water Pistols (great for an outing on the water)
  • Flower or Herb Seed Packets or Flower Bulbs (perfect for a retreat about new beginnings)
  • A bottle of bubbles (also good for water outings)
  • A stone unique to the area, especially heart-shaped stones or sea shells
  • Packets of tea (nice for a contemplative retreat)
  • Local food (jam, jelly, bread, fresh or dried fruit, ...) either prepared during the outing by you or as a take-away
  • Bandanas in bright colors (nice for a hiking adventure)
  • An inspirational card or note
 Use your imagination. Think about the Theme for your offering. What small item ties into your Theme? What small item represents the unique experience you are offering?
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