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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Market With All Five Senses

When you begin to advertise and market your Adventure Retreat, include all five senses in every verbal and/or written communication with potential participants. 
  • Tell them what they will feel: The warm sand sifting through your toes as it massages your bare feet, the gentle warm breezes of the tropical bay over your bare skin, million year old boulders warmed by the summer sun radiating heat into your body, the evening warmth of wood burning in the fireplace...
  • Tell them what they will hear: Falling asleep each night to waves crashing on the shore, waking up each morning to the calls of tropical birds, nothing but the water dripping off your paddle as you lift it for another stroke in the middle of the silent wilderness, a crackling campfire while listening to the distant howl of wolves...
  • Tell them what they will see: Hundreds of shades of forest green, a lake so large and vast it appears to go on forever, sand dunes that climb straight into the blue sky, a flower garden so colorful a large box of crayolas can't begin to compete with it.
  • Tell them what they will taste: Savory campfire food with flavors only a wood fire can provide, fish so fresh there was only a 10-minute gap between the lake and your mouth, vegetables fresh from the resort garden picked only minutes before lunch is served, juicy and extraordinarily sweet exotic fruit, strong camp coffee guaranteed to awaken all your senses each morning...
  • Tell them what they will smell: The smoke of a pine-wood campfire wafting through the dense woods, the crisp clean smell of fresh snow falling lightly each night, the musky odor of blueberry bushes and moss warmed in the summer sun, the smell of fresh brewed coffee waiting each morning at your cabin door...
  Combine words and photos that will engage all five senses and your advertising material will come to life and inspire readers to join you.
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