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Saturday, September 17, 2011

How Often Do You Lead Your Retreats and Adventures?

If you are new to leading, give yourself loads of space to create your offering. Once you have three or four offerings with different themes, enjoy leading more frequently and use these guidelines.
  • A one-day retreat that does not require significant travel for the leader can be offered as frequently as once each month. You may be even be able to provide this offering more than monthly if you have a large group of participants to pull from.
  • A multi-day adventure that does not require significant travel for the leader can also be offered monthly. Just remember to give yourself some time to reflect and regenerate as well as time to revise your outing. Try leading for three months (June, July and August for instance) and then taking a month or two off.
  • A multi-day retreat that does require significant travel for the leader needs a lot more prep time. Consider offering something like this once every three months, at the most, to once a year. And only after you've gained some experience. Also know that your advertising will need to begin at least 9 months in advance. 
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