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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where Do Your Potential Participants Hang Out?

It seems so simple and makes so much sense. Market your Adventure and Retreat offerings where your potential participants hang out. But we tend to skip the step of discovering where the folks we want to attract spend their time and, instead, start throwing mud on the wall to see what sticks.

Are your offerings more reflective and indoors, asking your participants to join you around a roaring fireplace for some good treats and reflection activities? Perhaps you want to market at your local bookstore by providing customers with a mini-retreat or a talk.

Are your adventures very much about roughing it in the elements? Maybe your local camping and outdoor equipment store is where you can best spend your marketing time.

Do you want to have women only or men only on your retreats? Where do these women tend to gather? Men? What publications do they to read?

Even look at what you are calling your offerings. A "retreat" may interest some people and turn off others. Likewise, a registrant for an "adventure" may never consider signing up for a retreat.

And if your offerings are not local and you are marketing to a national or international audience, you still need to find out where your potential participants hang out; that is, virtually.
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