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Monday, December 31, 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Conference and Retreat for Nurses

Adventure Retreat Leader, Donna Cardillo, is offering a conferences and retreat for nurses.

Donna says:
"Whether your passion for nursing is fired up or has fizzled out, Empowered Nurse, Enlightened Practice is for you! It has been created to empower, energize, and enlighten you for future success."

If you are a nurse or you know one, this just might be the perfect gift.

The Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team begins a new year in January. This group is designed especially for those of you who want to jump start your Retreat business.

Patt and Deb also offer a free Brainstorming Session for anyone interested in sharing their Adventure Retreat Business ideas and getting direct feedback

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Give the Gift of a Retreat

Photo Credit: asenat29
Give one of your outings to someone who could not otherwise afford to retreat with you. Then stand back and watch the magic happen for the lucky receiver and for your Retreat business.

Be sure to let all your Adventure Retreat participants know you have gift certificates available. Someone who enjoys your outings may want to give the gift of you too.

At VistaPrint you can make your own Gift Certificates for a very reasonable price.

The Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team begins a new year in January. This group is designed especially for those of you who want to jump start your Retreat business.

Patt and Deb also offer a free Brainstorming Session for anyone interested in sharing their Adventure Retreat Business ideas and getting direct feedback

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Art of Doing Nothing

The Art of Doing Nothing: Simple Ways to Make Time for Yourself by VĂ©ronique Vienne is an essential read for any Adventure Retreat Leader AND an wonderful theme for your next offering.

"The Art of Doing Nothing gives us permission to celebrate idleness in all its mesmerizing forms."

Consider joining us for our Rest of Your Life Retreat in St John, U. S. Virgin Islands.

Patt and Deb also offer a free Brainstorming Session for anyone interested in sharing their Adventure Retreat Business ideas and getting direct feedback. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Listening to the Retreats and Getaways SIG Dec Call

The Retreats and Getaways SIG met on Thursday, December 13. If you missed the call and want to listen in, here’s access info:

Call: 712-775-7099
Access code: 901847#
Reference # 27

The Retreats and Getaways SIG will meet again on Thursday, January 10 at 2 p.m. Eastern to kick off the New Year.

We'll post details here soon.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Retreats and Getaways SIG Meets Thursday, December 13

Join Adventure and Retreat Leader Patt Osborne for the December Retreats and Getaways SIG meeting on Thursday, December 13 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.

Simply dial 1-712-775-7000 and enter the pin number 901847# to join this call. 

This Special Interest Group is open to anyone who is interested in learning how to host retreats, outings, adventures and getaways, as well as those who are already a Retreat and Getaway Leader and want to connect with a community.

There are no prerequisites to joining the calls except an interest in leading Retreats and Getaways.

On December's call, Patt will lead an open conversation about leading retreats. Join her and share your own experiences about 2012 Retreat Leading and/or explore new ideas for your upcoming offerings. 

Interested in perhaps offering your own retreats and adventures? We offer an Audio Introduction, Playbook and PowerPoint Presentation to help you get started.

Patt and Deb also offer a free Brainstorming Session for anyone who wants to share their Adventure and Retreat ideas and get direct feedback.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Create Your Best Play Space

You know that your office space, designed to inspire and with the right equipment, will help you do your best work. What you're sitting on, what's on the walls, how your desk space is designed and the efficiency and convenience of your office equipment makes you better able to get your work done correctly and efficiently.

The same is true for your play space.
  • Does your retreat space help you do your best play? 
  • Are you taking your participants into an environment that's right for you so you can be at your best for them? 
  • Do you have the right equipment, gear, and clothing to play well? 
  • Do you have support in place so you can be an outstanding Adventure Retreat Leader?

Buy the complete Downloadable Audio Series to Leading Adventure Retreats. Includes 7 Audios and a 39-page Playbook with a 100-point checklist.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Free Printable Certificates

Free Printable Certificates is a good resource if you want to print certificates for your Adventure Retreat participants. Create a certificate and print it, absolutely free. Sometimes it's fun to hand out honors for individual accomplishments or for simply completing your offering.

We offer Playbooks for those of you who want a Guide to Your Own Individual Retreat

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Art of Convening

The Art of Convening: Authentic Engagement in Meetings, Gatherings and Conversations by Craig and Patricia Neal is full of useful information you can use to better yourself in your retreat communications and conversations.

The Art of Convening: Authentic Engagement in Meetings, Gatherings, and Conversations

Join us in St John, U. S. Virgin Islands for The Rest of Your Life: A Playful Retreat for Successful Life Transitions.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Give Something More

No. We don't mean to pack your Retreats and Outings with loads and loads of activities. In fact, with activities on an Adventure, less is more.

Portage Adventure Coaching Cap
However, your participants will remember you and your offering for that one special thing they were not expecting. A food treat, a small gift, a guest speaker or entertainer, a hat, a bandana, a tee shirt ...

Deliver just a little more than was expected and enjoy the giving.

Our Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team can help you jump start your next outing. We're starting again in January. Please join us.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Getting good photos of your offerings are important for advertising your next Adventure Retreat. But how often are you not in the photo because you're the photographer? We love this flexible, mini tripod because we can use it anywhere. Don't have a flat surface on which to stand your camera? No problem. The GorillaPod will work just fine on the nearest rock or tree.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Passion Test

The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny

"The Passion TestTM provides the simplest, clearest way to get started on knowing what you want-by getting clear on who you are."

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Listening to Today's Retreats and Getaways SIG Call

Hello Retreat Leaders!

Thanks to everyone who joined me on the Retreats and Getaways SIG call today.

If you were on the call and want to review what was said or if you were unable to attend and want to benefit from listening in, you can do that!

To access today’s recording: Dial: 712-775-7099
Use the access code: 901847#
When asked, the reference number is: 26#

There’s a special offer for all of you from me at Portage Transition Coaching and Adventure Retreat Leader at the beginning of the call.

Patt and Karin and I will be on the Retreats and Getaways call in December. We will definitely be looking for your input about 2013 calls as well as asking questions you may have.

 Thanks my adventurous friends.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Join Them

  1.  Who are your likely Adventure Retreat participants? Do a little demographic and psychograpic brainstorming.
  2. Now, where would they likely hang out? A club? A gym? A group? A community? A business? A park? A bookstore? A local library? A virtual group online? A cause?
  3. Photo Credit
  4. Pick two or three groups and Join Them.

Of course you're joining groups you would enjoy, right?

If not, ask yourself why you want to take them on retreat and go back to step one.

More tips like these are available in our Downloadable Audio Series for entrepreneurs who want to become Adventure Retreat Leaders.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Retreats and Getaways SIG Meets November 1

The Retreats and Getaways Special Interest Group meets on Thursday, November 1 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. You are welcome to join us.

Bridge Number: 712-775-7000/Pin 901847#
Back-up Bridge: 641-715-3200/Pin 734827#
Host: Deb Martin, MCC
Topic: Tips for Designing and Delivering a 3-Day or Weekend Retreat

Are you eager to offer your first weekend or 3-day outing? We've got some tips for you. Join Adventure Retreat Leader Coach Deb Martin who will share some tips for you. Join Adventure Retreat Leader Coach Deb Martin who will share strategies and tips for offering your next, and perhaps first, weekend retreat. We will discuss marketing, setting up your overnight adventure, planning ahead for activities and discussions, and prepping your adventurers for their weekend together, often with strangers. And if you've already offered a successful weekend or 3-day retreat, please join us to share your insights. 

Deb Martin, MCC and PMC, integrates her coaching and her love of the wilds to offer what she calls Wilderness Adventure Coaching. Additionally, Deb co-authors and delivers Adventure Retreat Leader Training to others who want to expand their businesses and take what they do best outside. Learn more at and

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simply Tell Your Happy Participants You Need Their Help

Have you told those who have gone on an Adventure Retreat with you that you need their help?

Have you told them that when they share the Adventure Retreat experience they had with you with their friends, colleagues and family, they are helping you and paying you in a way that is very special?

Have you further asked them to encourage those they know to try one of your outings?

Have you told them, specifically, who is best suited for your getaways?

Most people want to help. Most people want to help without any expectation of reimbursement or incentives. But they need to know how.

Tell them.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Guide to Your Next Adventure Retreat

You've been asking for a guide to your own personal Adventure Retreat for some time. We've heard you.

Now you can buy a Playbook or Guide to the Rest of Your Life: a Playful Retreat for Successful Life Transitions.

Your job is to find the time and the location for your next personal Adventure Retreat. Our job, through this playbook, is to provide some thought-provoking reading and reflection activities.

You can learn more about this new playbook at Adventure Retreat Leader, where you can freely download the agenda to take a peek at our offering and purchase the complete 46-page guide for only $15.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

airbnb for your next retreat

Rent your next retreat facility from as many as people in 29,890 cities in 192 countries.

Check out AirBnB

Just type in where you want to go, your check in date, your check out date and the number of guests. It's easy.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Your Adventure Retreat Leader Marketing Lists

Do you have one big marketing list for your Retreats and Adventures? If so, it's time to get more creative.

Certainly who you know and who is on your list is important. But those you know are only important as your first step to filling your offerings. It's who THEY know that gets you closer to a sale. And, as importantly, it can be who you and they DON'T know.

Think about it this way:
  • Let's say you have a list of 2,000 people, with email addresses, to whom you can market.
  • Once you send them an email blurb about your upcoming offering, you are now in the position of waiting for them act on your offer and/or pass it on. 
  • But what if you were "friends" or a "contact" with these same 2,000 people using a social media service like LinkedIn or Facebook or Google+ or Twitter or your blog? Or all of them, of course.
  • Now, when you send these contacts/friends an announcement (public announcement if you have the option, please), not only do they see your invitation but those they are connected with may also see it, depending on their settings. 
  • Additionally, if your contacts receive your announcement or invitation in a social media setting instead of via email, they are much more apt to hit the "share" button and pass it on whether they plan to attend or not. Oh yeah, especially if you ask them to share. You are asking them to share, right? ;-)
  • So let's say that only 25% of these 2,000 contacts (500) see your invitation via social media and decide to share it, per your request. And let's say they each average 2,000 contacts. 
  • See where I'm going here? So what's 500 times 2,000? 
  • Yes, I know, it takes time. But the process is shorter if you start!
  • Raise your hand if you're getting this.
Source =

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Retreats and Getaways SIG Meets on October 4

The Retreats and Getaways Special Interest Group meets on Thursday, October 4 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. You are welcome to join us.

Bridge Number: 712-775-7000/Pin 901847#
Back-up Bridge: 641-715-3200/Pin 734827#
Host: Deb Martin, MCC
Topic: Addressing Liability Concerns in your Retreats and Getaways Business

I want to take my retreat participants kayaking, or hiking, or canoeing, or rafting. But just what do I do about the liability issues? This is one of the most common questions new adventure retreat leaders ask. And it's a concern that needs to be addressed. Yet insurance is expensive and often impossible to get.

Join Adventure Retreat Leader and Coach Deb Martin as she shares some of the strategies she uses to address the liability issue on her outings. Bring your unique retreat and getaway situations. We'll do our best during this call to apply Deb's strategies to your unique retreats.

Deb Martin, MCC and PMC, integrates her coaching and her love of the wilds to offer what she calls Wilderness Adventure Coaching. Additionally, Deb co-authors and delivers Adventure Retreat Leader Training to others who want to expand their businesses and take what they do best outside. Learn more at and

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sizzling Summer Special Expires Tomorrow

Our downloadable 7 audio recording series, plus Playbook and Checklist, is designed to help you start your own Adventure and Retreat Leading business.

During the Summer months, this great series has been on sale for only $49, regularly $99. The sale ends tomorrow.

Topics Include:
  • How to make money offering Adventures and Retreats as part of your business.
  • The steps of leading a successful retreat, including a checklist.
  • How and where to find YOUR perfect adventure setting.
  • Where to find participants.
  • Setting fees and handling registration.
  • Invitations, flyers and brochures.
  • Creating a theme for your outing.
  • Creating a retreat series.
  • How to avoid the little things that will make you crazy.
  • Working with outfitters and vendors.
  • How to create an ongoing Adventure Retreat "engine."
  • And much, much more!
It's not too late. You can download and enjoy this series for only $49 for one more day. To purchase, Click Here.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


We love Vistaprint as an affordable and easy resource for creating business cards, flyers and postcard invitations you can send to your potential retreat participants.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Practice What You Preach

Plan to go on your own personal Adventure Retreat at least once each quarter or season.

This will help you stay fresh and engaged in your planning and your offerings. There's nothing like a personal getaway to generate new ideas and restore enthusiasm. Even one day on Adventure can generate a surplus of new Adventure Retreat ideas.

Now go away, be gone, get out of here, off you go, shoo!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Monkey Dancing

Monkey Dancing: A Father, Two Kids, And A Journey To The Ends Of The Earth

Environmental reporter Daniel Glick knew he and his little family desperately needed some karmic rejuvenation. He opted for an epic adventure. In the summer of 2001, Dan, Zoe, and Kolya packed up and set off on a six-month tour to see the world's most exotic and endangered habitats.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Go Fly a Kite

Kites R Us is a great resource for your offerings. Give your participants the gift of a toy, an outdoor toy.

And what a great metaphor a kite is for personal development; that is, getting the wind under your wings and reaching for the sky and the clouds, soaring to new heights.

As Kites R Us says... "The Sky is the Limit"

Friday, August 24, 2012

Upcoming Events at Adventure Retreat Leader

Adventure Retreat Leader has a couple of upcoming events:
  1. Join the Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team Calls for the remainder of 2012 for only $50. We have two, 90-minutes calls yet this year. That's 180 minutes of help and insights for your Adventure and Retreat business. Whether your new to Adventure and Retreat leading or a seasoned pro, these Success Team calls are designed to get your questions answered and give you the support and inspiration to get you moving. Our two remaining calls are on September 11 and November 13 at 6:30 p.m. Eastern. All calls are recorded so you can listen in later if you missed a call or just want to refresh your experience.
  2. The Adventure Retreat Leader Live Teleclass Series is only offered twice a year and begins again on October 2. This is a series of 9, 60-minute calls with all the details needed to get your Adventure and Retreat Business up and running. All calls are recorded and we have an option for listening to the recorded calls.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Five Times Five...

... equals 25!

One of the ways Patt and I have found helpful in filling our Adventure Retreats is to simply ask 5 current participants and/or friends for 5 referrals.

Simple isn't it?

Here are the keys:
  • Ask for help. People love to help. "Hey Jim, I value your perspectives and I need your help with my business."
  • Be specific. Instead of asking your friends or participants to refer 5 friends or acquaintances to your offerings, ask them to refer 5 women who are in some sort of major transition and who value nature and being inspired by the outdoors and are open to a new way of learning about themselves. Fill in your own criteria but you get the idea.
  • Ask your friends and participants to give your contact information to the referral, maybe even with a coupon, AND ask them to give YOU the contact information of the person they are referring. It's important for you to have contact information, not just waiting for someone you don't know to call you.
  • Offer a referring discount to your friends and participants, if you feel that is appropriate.
Wait a few weeks or months and do it again.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

REI Outlet

You might want to bookmark REI Outlet. Here you'll find some great deals on outdoor gear, clothing and more. A good price is especially important when you're offering a variety of Adventures that each need different gear and clothing.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sizzling Summer Special from Adventure Retreat Leader

Purchase our Become an Adventure Retreat Leader audio series and get a 50%  discount. Sizzling Summer Special of $49 through September 1 (Regularly $99)

Additional offerings at Adventure Retreat Leader include:

·         Our Take It Outside!” Audio Intro
·         Adventure Retreat Leader Coaching with Patt and Deb
·         On-going Success Team calls to connect with other retreat leaders
·         Live Adventure Retreat Leader Training offered 2 times each year
·         The “Rest of Your Life Retreat” St. John, US Virgin Islands, April 2013- Taking deposits now

Friday, August 10, 2012

Feel the Fear...

... And Do It Anyway. By Susan Jeffers.

An Adventure Retreat planning resource.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Look Where We're Going

Want to Join Us?

Patt and I are offering our famous Rest of Your Life Retreat on St John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We'll be staying at Maho Bay Camps.

April 21--26, 2013

Sunday, July 29, 2012

That's A Good Question!

As Coaches and Adventure Retreat Leaders who help others discover more about themselves, we love it when we hear, "That's a good question." That means we are getting our clients and participants to think a little more deeply. There's value in an answer that comes from a good question.

So, Patt and I collect good questions. We simply make it a habit to take note of any question that is followed by these words. Try it. You'll find that sometimes you can create an entire Adventure Retreat around one good question.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


CRAYOLA! An absolute must for any not-so-serious adventurer.

Use them in your retreat activities and hand them out as gifts. We love their colored outdoor bubbles. So pretty bouncing off the river as they trail behind us.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

YOUR Favorite Outdoor Adventures

Quick. Just for grins. List your 10 favorite outdoor adventures. No judging. Don't think about it. Just get them down on paper. As an example, here are my 10 in no particular order.
  1. Fishing Northern Ontario
  2. Morel Mushrooming
  3. Canoeing Quetico Provincial Park
  4. Canoeing Isle Royal, Lake Superior
  5. Camping on South Manitou Island, Lake Michigan
  6. Hiking the North Country Trail
  7. Picking Blueberries in the Northern Ontario Bush
  8. Smelt Dipping
  9. Portaging my Canoe 
  10. Harvesting Wild Fall Plants (Rice, Shaggy Manes, High Bush Cranberry, Wild Cherry, ...)
Now turn them into Adventure Retreats. Chances are if you love these activities, others will want to follow you.

Upcoming Adventures and Retreats

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy July from Patt and Deb

Happy July! We hope your summer is going swimmingly!

We'd like offer you our Sizzling Summer Special of $49 through September 1 (Regularly $99) on our Adventure Retreat Leader Audio Series.

If you’ve been thinking about how to move your clients and customers outdoors for an Adventure Retreat, our downloadable audio series is just the thing to get you started and plan your first offering. You’ll learn everything you need to know to plan and market your Adventure. You will have access to the 7 downloadable recordings to listen to at your leisure, as well as a detailed 100-point checklist to use in you planning. Plus the Adventure Retreat Leader playbook that is chock full of additional resources. You’ll be able to design your 1st (or next) retreat in no time!

And the best of all, you can download it now for just $49!! Go to Adventure Retreat Leader to purchase this detailed series TODAY!

There we also offer:
  • Our “Take It Outside!” Audio Intro
  • Adventure Retreat Leader Coaching with Patt and Deb
  • An On-going Success Team where you can connect with other retreat leaders
  • Live Adventure Retreat Leader Training offered 2x’s a year
  • The “Rest of Your Life Retreat” on St. John in the US Virgin Islands in April 2013
  • And coming VERY SOON: The Rest of Your Life Individual Retreat Playbook

Visit and get more info on all of these and more…

Let us help you get your groove on with outdoor adventure planning.
In Fun and Adventure,
Patt and Deb

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Forget Me Not: A Memoir

Forget Me Not: A Memoir by Jennifer Lowe-Anker spans continents and tells the story of three people whose lives intertwine to a degree they could never have imagined.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Thorlos Socks

Your feet will feel better.

These are Patt's favorite socks for hiking, running, biking and walking.

Check them out on the web at Thorlos Socks.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why Retreat

"... the opportunity to go within allows us to gain distance and perspective from the circumstances of our lives."

Read more by Christian de la Huerta.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

June Invitations from Patt and Deb

If you've been thinking about how to get your clients outdoors for an adventure retreat, our downloadable audio series is just the thing to get you motivated and begin your planning. You will have access to the 7 downloadable recordings that you can listen to at your leisure, as well as a detailed 100-point checklist to use in your planning. Plus, an Adventure Retreat Leader Playbook that is chock full of additional resources.

Simply visit Adventure Retreat Leader Audio Series to purchase this detailed series TODAY!

We also offer:
You can find it all at Adventure Retreat Leader. While there, subscribe to our free weekly tips for leading your own adventures.

Let us help you get your groove on with outdoor adventure planning!

In Adventure

Deb and Patt

Monday, June 11, 2012

Natural Awakenings Magazine

Natural Awakenings is a free, healthy-living magazine found all over the U. S. It is an excellent place to advertise your Adventures and/or get some Retreat venue ideas.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Adventure Retreat Box or Pack

As your Adventure Retreats grow, consider starting a supply box or pack. Here are some of the things we find in our boxes and action packs.
  • Crayons and Markers
  • Candles
  • Music
  • A Way to Play Music
  • Paper
  • Poster Board
  • Pictures from Magazines
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Toys like Water Pistols, Penny Whistles, Rubber Duckies....
  • Simple Gifts for Your Participants
  • Ribbon and Raffia
  • Small Bags for Collecting Things
  • A Camera
  • A Way to View Photos
And if you are going on your Adventure Retreat for several days in the wilds, consider this great pack for your supplies. I have several Duluth Packs and they will all last a lifetime.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Julia Cameron Will Speak To The Retreats and Getaways SIG

Are you a coach who wants to offer Retreats and Getaways? Or are you a coach who already offers Adventure Retreats and Getaways and you want to have more resources?

On June 14 at 2:00 p.m. ET, Julia Cameron will speak to Coach University's Retreats and Getaways SIG. This is a virtual call and you are welcome to attend from anywhere. The call is free.

Topic: The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity with Julia Cameron

JULIA CAMERON has been an active artist for more than thirty years. She is the author of more than thirty books, fiction and nonfiction, including her bestselling works on the creative process: The Artist's Way, Walking in this World, and Finding Water. Also a novelist, playwright, songwriter and poet, she has multiple credits n theater, film and television.

A special discount for Julia Cameron Live will be announced on the call.

If you would like to attend this and other Retreats and Getaways SIG calls, contact Patt Osborne and ask to be put on our mailing list and to receive the conference call phone number.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cabins, Chalets and Vacation Rentals
Choose a rental cabin, chalet, cottage, beach house or lodge for your next Adventure Retreat. The rental properties are arranged by state, province and town. Use a clickable map or locate your rental using their search feature.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Know the Price, Features, Benefits and Value of your Adventure Retreat

Once you set the price for you Adventure Retreat, you're ready to market, right? Almost, but not quite.

In addition to your price, you need to know the Features, the Benefits and the Value of your offering.

Those are the things your participants will do and experience and the environment they will be in on your Adventure Retreat. Include the Features of your outing in all your marketing material. They are the first criteria your potential participants will use to determine if your price is worth it.

The Benefits of your retreat are those ways in which your participants will change as a result of your offering. How will they feel differently? How will they see things differently. What will they know about the environment and/or themselves after their adventure with you that they didn't know before? Your potential participants will need your marketing material to describe the benefits to them in order to determine if your price is worth it.

The Value of your offering is not the Price you charge. It's not the Features or the Benefits of your offering either. The Value of your Adventure Retreat is determined by your participants. Only your participants can articulate the Value.

You can, and should, describe the Features and Benefits of your offering in your marketing material. But how do you articulate the Value? Start collecting testimonials now. They will serve you well in the future. Ask your past participants to write about why your offering was worth every penny they paid for it. It's okay to ask specific questions and help your participants with their testimonials. Most people want to help, they just are not necessarily comfortable with words.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A May Morris Arboretum Garden Walk and Biking Cape May in June

Join Patt this month, May 19, as she offers a get-away day at the Morris Arboretum just outside of Philadelphia.

Time alone as well as with the group, a picnic lunch, beautiful flowers and plants, abstract art sculptures, winding walking paths among the trees, and insightful guided group discussions with Patt all come together to make this a day just for you.

And on June 2nd, check out Patt's Biking in Beautiful Cape May retreat. Ten miles at a leisurely, easy pace and lunch at Lucky Bones Backwater Grille.

You can find details for both offerings at Patt's Boomer Chick Adventures

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Better Than Ever Retreats

One of our Adventure Retreat Leader graduates, Helen Foreman Kosinski of Better Than Ever Coaching, is offering a couple of great one-day retreats this month at the National Seashore on Cape Cod.

Cool Calm & Collected. Discover easy ways to stay sane when Life gets crazy! Saturday, May 11.

The Paradise Path Women's Walking Retreat: Stepping into your dream life! Saturday, May 19.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Adventure Retreat Planning

Spring is a great time of year to start gearing up for hosting outdoor adventures for your clients.

Our downloadable audio series is just the thing to get you motivated to begin your planning. You'll learn everything you need to know to plan and market your retreat. You will have access to the 7 downloadable recordings that you can listen to at your leisure, as well as a detailed 100-point checklist to use in your planning. Plus the Adventure Retreat Leader playbook that is chock full of additional resources. 

Go to Adventure Retreat Leader to purchase this detailed series TODAY!

There we also offer:
  • Free Adventure Retreat Leader tips and resources delivered to you by email.
  • Our "Take It Outside!" Audio Intro
  • Adventure Retreat Leader Coaching with Patt and Deb
  • An on-going Success Team where you can connect with other Adventure Retreat leaders
  • Live Adventure Retreat Leader Training offered 2 times each year
  • The "Rest of Your Life Retreat" on St. John in the US Virgin Islands in April 2013
  • And coming soon: The Rest of Your Life Individual Retreat Playbook 
 In Fun and Adventure, 
Patt and Deb

Monday, April 30, 2012

Know Your Flora and Fauna

Sure, you can bring in a guest speaker to talk about the plants and wildlife of the area in which you are hosting your Adventure Retreat. And if you are traveling quite some distance for your offering, that might be a good idea.

An equally good idea is to learn about the plants and critters your participants will experience on your offering. What a wonderful resource you will be and your Adventure will be a richer experience for your participants.

Plus, Patt and I often use the flora and fauna of the area as contributing partners in our Adventure Retreat reflection activities. Often our participants are sent on a bit of a scavenger hunt to find those things most meaningful to the day's discussion.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Right Questions

The Right Questions by author Debbie Ford is an good resource for discussion questions and topics for your Adventure Retreats.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Patt's Welcome Spring Hike

A guided hike with plenty of time for quiet contemplation in the pristine environment of the White Trail in the New Jersey Pine Barren.

Your host is the very playful and insightful Patt Osborne.

Details are on the Upcoming Adventures page at Boomer Chick Adventures.

Have fun!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Throw an Adventure Retreat Booking Party

Just like art galleries host an opening for a new artist, you can do the same for your Adventures and Retreats.

Once you have your outing lineup for say the next six months or year, throw a party.
  • Choose one of your local retreat venues for your party or rent a space. Many places offer the space for free is you ask them to cater your event.
  • Invite everyone and encourage your guests to bring friends. Consider inviting even those you are sure will not attend your retreats. Sometimes people just like to help and be the hub for connecting people.
  • Have your retreat schedule displayed largely on a wall. Make it colorful. 
  • Create flyers for every offering and give them out generously. Your flyers should include, at the least, your Adventure Retreat theme, a stimulating description of your outing, loads of photos, dates, price, rain dates if it's an outside adventure, maximum number of participants and who this adventure is appropriate for. Have enough flyers available for people to take with them.
  • Enlarge some photos of your Retreats and Adventures and frame them nicely. Get them up on the walls.
  • Spice everything liberally with some finger food and drinks and maybe a small gift or reminder of you and your events.
  • Have a way to take reservations and deposits and create a booking form to collect all the information you will need. Waiting until after your event will decrease the number of participants who actually sign up for one of your offerings.
  • Offer buddy discounts, multiple-retreat discounts and and discounts for booking today, and fill your retreats in one evening.
What you've created is a mini business expo without the competition. Be sure to have fun.

Want to see an example of what a good flyer includes? Visit our Upcoming Adventures and Retreats page at Adventure Retreat Leader for some ideas.

Oh, and consider joining us, please. You are invited!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Pursuit of Perfect

How to Stop Chasing Perfection and Start Living a Richer, Happier Life

by Tal Ben-Shahar

What a great theme for your next offering. Take your participants into nature and show them how imperfect and yet so incredibly rich and happy the natural world is.

Use the book as a suggest read or simply to provide some discussion points for your group.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Coach In A Boat Presents...

...Bigger Fish to Fry!

I have one week open this summer, 2012, for a party of 3-4 for a Northern Ontario Fishing and Coaching trip.

Your trip includes:
  • Your cabin
  • Your fully-equipped boat, motor and gas for every two adults
  • My expertise at catching fish in Northern Ontario
  • One-on-one coaching while fishing and group coaching while lounging around camp on your next BIG transition
  • A mid-week fish fry
Your additional expenses include:
  • Your transportation to and from camp
  • Your Ontario fishing license
  • Your personal fishing items
  • Your food
More at Northern Ontario Fishing
Call me at 231-879-4178 or email me at

Saturday, March 24, 2012

They Said...

If you have not started one already, create a file of great quotes that inspire you.

Quotes are perfect for:
  • Your marketing material
  • Your Adventure Playbook
  • Even your theme or topic
For instance, if your offering is about simplifying, use these...

"As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness." ~Henry David Thoreau

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." ~Hans Hofmann

Just grab a quote you love and start building your retreat around it. It's simple!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Patt's Keen Favorites

Check out Keen Footwear.

Patt says their shoes are perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

You'll be a stylin' Adventure Retreat Leader in these great shoes!

Recess is Back!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Self Care and Relaxation for Busy Women

Another Great Boomer Chick Adventure from Patt

Take a day for yourself for rest and relaxation.

Your day away will include yoga, chair massage, a reading nook, a journaling corner, a nature walk, and more...all designed for delicious self-care!
Date: Friday, March 23, at 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Location: Beautiful lakeside Douglass Lodge at YMCA Camp Ockanickon, Medford NJ

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm Looking Over...

Photo Credit
Yes, even St. Patrick's Day can become an Adventure Retreat Offering.

With a little imagination and some playful activities, you can make a retreat celebration with a Saint Patrick's Day Theme.
  • Irish folk music is a great way to start or end the day. Maybe you even bring in live music or an Irish storyteller.
  • Perhaps a lunch of Irish stew and Irish soda bread
  • Have everyone create their own four-leaf clover intentions.
  • Traditionally, Saint Patrick's Day is a day for spiritual renewal. You too can just make your retreat day a day for renewal, spiritual or otherwise.
  • And all that lovely green mother nature gives us to play in!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


...Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment by Tal Ben-Shahar

We recommend this book to anyone who is leading others toward new paths in their lives.

"Grounded in the revolutionary “positive psychology” movement, Ben-Shahar ingeniously combines scientific studies, scholarly research, self-help advice, and spiritual enlightenment. He weaves them together into a set of principles that you can apply to your daily life. Once you open your heart and mind to Happier ’s thoughts, you will feel more fulfilled, more connected . . . and, yes, HAPPIER."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Tilley Hat

This is the best Adventure hat in the world. Check out my review at The Tilley Hat, The Best Hat Ever. You'll see this hat on my head every time I head for the wood, wilds, and waters.

  • A lifetime guarantee
  • Insurance
  • A great brim
  • A front and back wind cord
  • It floats
  • And a pocket in the crown

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Private One-On-One Customized Adventure Retreat

Many busy clients would prefer to go on Adventure Retreat with you and perhaps their partner, not a group. If you stay in the Adventure Retreat business long enough, sooner or later you will be asked to do this. We've seen requests for 60-minute lunch retreats to day-long birthday adventures to multi-day renewal getaways.

Now is the time to determine your fees for such a request. You don't need to know what the client wants to do or where he or she wants to go to consider:
  • What will you charge per day or half day?
  • How many hours do you consider equal one day? A half day? Be clear about your time with the client(s) and your private time.
  • What is your maximum number of days? Minimum number of days?
  • To where are you willing to travel?
  • What days of the week or weeks of the month or time of the year do you have open and available for this kind of opportunity?
  • What expenses will be the client's responsibility and what expenses are you willing to pay for?
For instance, what if the client wants a customized retreat snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies? What will you charge per day? How many hours do you spend with the client(s) during a typical day? Who pays your expenses to get to the retreat location? Who pays your lodging and snowshoe rental? Who pays for your meals?

I suggest that in the beginning you make it easy on yourself and charge $X per day plus all of your expenses are paid by the client. This way you do not have to scramble to do a breakeven analysis before you get back to the client with your price. Plus, this is very similar to the model many businesses are familiar with when they engage a workshop presenter or a guest speaker.

If you are already offering Adventures and Retreats for groups, you can easily modify your theme and topic to fit one or two individuals.

But you WILL want to think through your pricing ahead of time.

Like many other things in life, as soon as you've planned for this opportunity, you're likely to be asked.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Art of Extreme Self Care

The Art of Extreme Self Care: Transforming Your Life One Month at a Time by Cheryl Richardson is a super winter and Valentine's Day gift idea. Buy it for your sweetheart or how about just for yourself. Just because.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Boomer Chick Adventures

Check out the new line up of 2012 Boomer Chick Adventures

Boomer Chick Adventures are mostly outdoor activities for Baby Boomer women who have a yearning for play, fun and new experiences, while enjoying the company of like-minded adventurers.

  • Wine and Cheese and Mosaics
  • Self-Care Cafe
  • A Pineland's Hike
  • Biking Cape May
  • The Morris Arboretum in Philly
  • Stand Up Paddle Board in Cape May
  • Ocean Kayaking in Cape May
  • Tubing the Upper Deleware
Contact Patt to make it happen for you. A nice Valentines treat to yourself or your sweetheart, I think.

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Valentine's Day Retreat

We love to celebrate holidays with an Adventure or Retreat. And can you imagine a better way to honor the self-care we all deserve than with a Valentine's Day Retreat for someone you love, for yourself, or as a retreat offering through your business? Here's a possible theme and some topics:

All We Need is Love
  • Love Your Friends and Family Well. A relationship retreat.
  • Love the World. A retreat designed to help participants decide how they will give back to the world this year.
  • Love Yourself. An extreme self-care retreat.
Chocolate and wine are not optional but required!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Curious By Nature: One Woman's Exploration of the Natural World

Here's a book I picked up awhile back and got lost in just recently. I found something in Candace Savage's writing touched the part of me that is the reason I take others to the wilds.

From Amazon: "The survival of wildlife on this planet depends on animals' relationships with the people who share their natural habitat and influence its management. Nature writer Candace Savage has spent the last 25 years exploring humankind's complex relationships with the natural world. This thoughtful collection showcases Savage's exploration of the varied ways people relate to wildlife, from retelling fairytales about the big, bad wolf; to being surprised by the intellectual capacity of crows; to struggling to find a balance between harvesting trees and allowing grizzly bears the space to roam. Savage is particularly interested in bridging the gap between mythology and science. A constructive approach to the human-wildlife relationship, she says, lies in integrating reason and emotion and recognizing people's connections with the natural world. This book is a record of Savage's lifelong quest to engage readers in a conversation that enriches our lives and the lives of the animals whose stories she tells."

Friday, January 20, 2012

Live Teleclass Training Series Begins Feb 7

Come play with us!

If you have wanted to take the Adventure Retreat Leader training with Patt and Deb in the live teleclass series format, now is the time.

We offering this live format twice each year. February and October.

Our next Adventure and Retreat Leader live teleclass series begins February 7!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Outdoor Fitness

Patt recommends Tina Vindum's Outdoor Fitness as a way to motivate and encourage you to get in shape while enjoying the outdoors. It's a great combination, outdoors and good health. The two are natural partners.

There's even a blog page with a list of topics for your specific concerns and interests. The blog's Goal Setting topic might be a good place to land as we move into the New Year.

If you are an Adventure and Retreat Leader who wants to add a fitness component to your offerings, there is a ton of good information here. The site will jumpstart more than a few good ideas for you.

If you are an Adventure and Retreat Leader who wants to get in shape for your own offerings, better able to keep up with the pack and offer more activities, Outdoor Fitness will help you get started.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Plan Ahead

It's that time of year again. Early January is an excellent time to plan your Retreats and Adventures for 2012.

Take a mini retreat just for you. Go away if you can or want to. Or just find a quite place in your home. Shoo everyone out, light a fire, light some candles, get your favorite beverage, and comfortable clothes are a must.

You'll need a calendar, your favorite writing tools, maybe some of the books you've learned about through these posts, and definitely you will want the notes you've been taking all year about the adventures and retreats you have offered or intend to offer. What? You have not been taking notes? Go get a notebook and plan to do so for 2012.

The advantages of your mini planning retreat are many. Your sanity is top on the list. And you'll find you fill your offerings better because you are marketing well in advance. When someone completes an adventure with you and they want to know what's next, you'll be able to tell them. You can get all your offerings for the entire year up on your website. You can market through a mailing list that allows you to mention upcoming events well in advance.

Okay, now off you go. Enjoy!

And Happy Holidays from Deb and Patt at Adventure Retreat Leader.