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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Plan Ahead

It's that time of year again. Early January is an excellent time to plan your Retreats and Adventures for 2012.

Take a mini retreat just for you. Go away if you can or want to. Or just find a quite place in your home. Shoo everyone out, light a fire, light some candles, get your favorite beverage, and comfortable clothes are a must.

You'll need a calendar, your favorite writing tools, maybe some of the books you've learned about through these posts, and definitely you will want the notes you've been taking all year about the adventures and retreats you have offered or intend to offer. What? You have not been taking notes? Go get a notebook and plan to do so for 2012.

The advantages of your mini planning retreat are many. Your sanity is top on the list. And you'll find you fill your offerings better because you are marketing well in advance. When someone completes an adventure with you and they want to know what's next, you'll be able to tell them. You can get all your offerings for the entire year up on your website. You can market through a mailing list that allows you to mention upcoming events well in advance.

Okay, now off you go. Enjoy!

And Happy Holidays from Deb and Patt at Adventure Retreat Leader.
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