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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Throw an Adventure Retreat Booking Party

Just like art galleries host an opening for a new artist, you can do the same for your Adventures and Retreats.

Once you have your outing lineup for say the next six months or year, throw a party.
  • Choose one of your local retreat venues for your party or rent a space. Many places offer the space for free is you ask them to cater your event.
  • Invite everyone and encourage your guests to bring friends. Consider inviting even those you are sure will not attend your retreats. Sometimes people just like to help and be the hub for connecting people.
  • Have your retreat schedule displayed largely on a wall. Make it colorful. 
  • Create flyers for every offering and give them out generously. Your flyers should include, at the least, your Adventure Retreat theme, a stimulating description of your outing, loads of photos, dates, price, rain dates if it's an outside adventure, maximum number of participants and who this adventure is appropriate for. Have enough flyers available for people to take with them.
  • Enlarge some photos of your Retreats and Adventures and frame them nicely. Get them up on the walls.
  • Spice everything liberally with some finger food and drinks and maybe a small gift or reminder of you and your events.
  • Have a way to take reservations and deposits and create a booking form to collect all the information you will need. Waiting until after your event will decrease the number of participants who actually sign up for one of your offerings.
  • Offer buddy discounts, multiple-retreat discounts and and discounts for booking today, and fill your retreats in one evening.
What you've created is a mini business expo without the competition. Be sure to have fun.

Want to see an example of what a good flyer includes? Visit our Upcoming Adventures and Retreats page at Adventure Retreat Leader for some ideas.

Oh, and consider joining us, please. You are invited!
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