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Friday, May 18, 2012

Know the Price, Features, Benefits and Value of your Adventure Retreat

Once you set the price for you Adventure Retreat, you're ready to market, right? Almost, but not quite.

In addition to your price, you need to know the Features, the Benefits and the Value of your offering.

Those are the things your participants will do and experience and the environment they will be in on your Adventure Retreat. Include the Features of your outing in all your marketing material. They are the first criteria your potential participants will use to determine if your price is worth it.

The Benefits of your retreat are those ways in which your participants will change as a result of your offering. How will they feel differently? How will they see things differently. What will they know about the environment and/or themselves after their adventure with you that they didn't know before? Your potential participants will need your marketing material to describe the benefits to them in order to determine if your price is worth it.

The Value of your offering is not the Price you charge. It's not the Features or the Benefits of your offering either. The Value of your Adventure Retreat is determined by your participants. Only your participants can articulate the Value.

You can, and should, describe the Features and Benefits of your offering in your marketing material. But how do you articulate the Value? Start collecting testimonials now. They will serve you well in the future. Ask your past participants to write about why your offering was worth every penny they paid for it. It's okay to ask specific questions and help your participants with their testimonials. Most people want to help, they just are not necessarily comfortable with words.
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