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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Five Times Five...

... equals 25!

One of the ways Patt and I have found helpful in filling our Adventure Retreats is to simply ask 5 current participants and/or friends for 5 referrals.

Simple isn't it?

Here are the keys:
  • Ask for help. People love to help. "Hey Jim, I value your perspectives and I need your help with my business."
  • Be specific. Instead of asking your friends or participants to refer 5 friends or acquaintances to your offerings, ask them to refer 5 women who are in some sort of major transition and who value nature and being inspired by the outdoors and are open to a new way of learning about themselves. Fill in your own criteria but you get the idea.
  • Ask your friends and participants to give your contact information to the referral, maybe even with a coupon, AND ask them to give YOU the contact information of the person they are referring. It's important for you to have contact information, not just waiting for someone you don't know to call you.
  • Offer a referring discount to your friends and participants, if you feel that is appropriate.
Wait a few weeks or months and do it again.
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