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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Your Adventure Retreat Leader Marketing Lists

Do you have one big marketing list for your Retreats and Adventures? If so, it's time to get more creative.

Certainly who you know and who is on your list is important. But those you know are only important as your first step to filling your offerings. It's who THEY know that gets you closer to a sale. And, as importantly, it can be who you and they DON'T know.

Think about it this way:
  • Let's say you have a list of 2,000 people, with email addresses, to whom you can market.
  • Once you send them an email blurb about your upcoming offering, you are now in the position of waiting for them act on your offer and/or pass it on. 
  • But what if you were "friends" or a "contact" with these same 2,000 people using a social media service like LinkedIn or Facebook or Google+ or Twitter or your blog? Or all of them, of course.
  • Now, when you send these contacts/friends an announcement (public announcement if you have the option, please), not only do they see your invitation but those they are connected with may also see it, depending on their settings. 
  • Additionally, if your contacts receive your announcement or invitation in a social media setting instead of via email, they are much more apt to hit the "share" button and pass it on whether they plan to attend or not. Oh yeah, especially if you ask them to share. You are asking them to share, right? ;-)
  • So let's say that only 25% of these 2,000 contacts (500) see your invitation via social media and decide to share it, per your request. And let's say they each average 2,000 contacts. 
  • See where I'm going here? So what's 500 times 2,000? 
  • Yes, I know, it takes time. But the process is shorter if you start!
  • Raise your hand if you're getting this.
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