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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Retreats and Getaways SIG Meets Thursday, February 7

The Retreats and Getaways Special Interest Group meets Thursday, February 7 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.

If you are interested in becoming a Retreat and Getaway Leader or you already are a leader and you're looking for a community, please join us.

The price is right. No charge. Just show up and get connected.

Bridge Number: 712-775-7000/Pin 901847#
Back-up Bridge: 641-715-3200/Pin 734827#
Host: Patt Osborne
Guest Speaker: Molly Gordon

How do you put zing in your offers so that just-right clients are delighted to respond? You throw a party. Come join Molly Gordon, a Master Certified Coach and pioneer in marketing coaching, for a new take on getting business that fits you just right. Molly will share a simple, powerful model for creating a plan that makes your offers irresistible. Imagine looking forward to promoting your work!

Molly is the creator of the acclaimed program, Authentic Promotion. She is also the author of The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur and the creator of such programs as Authentic Wealth and Profit Alchemy. Since 1996, Molly has been bringing hope, help and hilarity to Accidental Entrepreneurs, equipping them to do the business piece so they can thrive.

You can learn more about Molly's work and sign up for her free ezine, Authentic Promotion, at

Join the Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team at a special price for the remainder of 2013. Contact Deb at

Patt and Deb also offer a free Brainstorming Session for anyone interested in sharing their Adventure Retreat Business ideas and getting direct feedback.  
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