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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tell Me A Story

One of the best ways we know to market to our potential Retreat and Adventure participants is to tell them a story. Tell them a story about a past outing. Pick part of a day in your outing and weave an enchanting tale. Your story should include:
  1. Your environment. A rocky Lake Superior beach strewn with agate pebbles glistening in the June sunshine... The North Country Trail winding the banks of the mighty Manistee River on an unusually warm and earthy October day... A dense Northern forest loud with the Spring racket of forest creatures all competing to be heard...
  2. What the weather was like. Not a cloud to be found in a sky so clear it was blinding... Light wisps of cirrus clouds moving slowly across a blue sky... Fall air so crisp your nose hairs stand on end and your eyes water... Thunderous rain rattling against and pouring down the window panes of our humble cabin... Jumbo snowflakes falling from a black winter night sky so dense we hung on to each other to keep our balance...
  3. An interesting activity that includes an insight or change in one of your participants. Be specific. Pick one participant to tell the tale about. Jeannie gave a loud whoop as she jumped from the river bank into the current. This was the first time she... Tom fell asleep in a patch of moss and it was only after 15 minutes that we realized he was not with us. He tells us he does not remember ever being so relaxed that... Jane slipped under the water, opened her eyes and found herself surrounded by turtles. She'd never been that close in their environment and now she only wants to .... 
These stories will serve you well. They touch your participants in ways far greater than giving them a list of benefits and values in order to convince them to attend your next offering.

Photo Credit: David Bailey MBE

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