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Monday, May 13, 2013

Hire A Coordinator

Especially on multi-day offerings where travel is required for everyone, consider figuring the cost of a Coordinator into the cost of your retreat and therefore what you charge participants.

 Here are some of the things that person can do for you:
  • make travel arrangements for you and your participants
  • create marketing material
  • take requests for information and provide that information
  • coordinate teleconferences so you and your participants can meet prior to your offering, if needed
  • communicate special meal requests to the venue
  • take credit card deposits and payments
  • coordinate rooms, cottages, cabins, tents, etc.
  • collect contact information from all your participants, including emergency contacts
  • arrange for special tours, buses and other sorts of transportation for you and your participants
  • and most importantly, double-check all this and more just before and during your offering. 
It's perfect to be able to do what you do well and know your Coordinator has your back. And in a mobile world, this person can live and work just about anywhere.

Photo by CarbonNYC

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