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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Your Adventure Retreat Blog or Newsletter

Does your Adventure Retreat Business have a blog or newsletter? These are two of the best ways to stay in front of your participants.

We like blogging but an email newsletter can also be effective. The advantage of a blog is that it gives your participants and those interested in your adventures the opportunity to interact with you.

  1. Create your Blog or Newsletter online format.
  2. Establish a way for your readers to receive your blog posts or your newsletters by subscribing.
  3. Invite your readers to subscribe to your blog posts or newsletter. And invite them again. And invite them one more time. People want to participate, they really do. Sometimes they just need to be invited more than once. We're all in information overload and we need to understand the value to us first.
  4. Provide valuable content that your readers can really use. Give them something to think about. Ask questions to get interaction. 
  5. Share often. We've all subscribed to something we found valuable only to discover the creator has gotten bored and dropped the ball. Expect your readers to be interested only to the level that you are communicating with them and inspired about offering good value.
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