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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Engaging others is one of the best ways we know to fill your Adventure Retreats. If you love what you do, it shows oh so much better when you speak to individuals or groups than when you try to use other types of media to get your message and invitation across.

So get out there and speak. Speak to individuals about what you do, speak to groups, speak to families, speak to businesses. Here are some talking tips:
  • Share the environment ... lush green pine forest walking trails...brilliant orange and purple sunsets...wildflowers as far as the eye can see...waves crashing on long stretches of  island beaches... The more you share though thoughtful language the environment you intend to take your participants, the better they can feel into your offering.
  • Share what others have experienced on past offerings. How did they feel? What did they learn? Who did they become?
  • Share a typical day, morning, afternoon and evening. Add scents, scenes, tastes and textures to this day.
  • Share what's coming up next. If you don't have an upcoming adventure to talk about, figure that out before you start speaking.
  • Share yourself. Why do you do this? How has being an Adventure Retreat Leader changed you? What new things do you discover about yourself each time you go out with a group?
  • Share answers. Allow loads of time to answer questions. Don't just talk to people. Instead speak with them.
Our Adventure Retreat Leader's Live Telecall Training begins October 8. Learn the ins and outs of taking others outside! Deb and Patt love teaching this class and their energy is infectious. You'll get some very personal one-on-one help as you move toward becoming an Adventure Retreat Leader.
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