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Monday, October 14, 2013

Offer Your Best Environment

If you want to create an outstanding reputation for your Adventure Retreat Offerings, offer your BEST environment to your participants.

Does this mean you have to take your participants to some elite place that may cost significant dollars. Not at all. You can. And that's a choice you'll make depending on the types of individuals you are attracting.

Your best environment does mean that once you have some options for your next offering, give it your 'fussy" test:
  1. Is it clean? Yes, even campsites can be dirty or clean.
  2. Are staff and hosts polite and attentive? Sometimes you'll work with another provider. Perhaps a venue or an outfitter. What's their customer-service rating on your "fussy" meter?
  3. Does everyone have a good view? Whether it's a day in the park, a week in the wilderness, or a weekend at a B&B, all of your participants should be able to appreciate a great view. I mean, that's why we do this, right? That is, to let nature do the inspiring. But nobody wants to look at a brick wall from his or her bedroom window, or 20 scout tents between your group and the lake, or the rest room doors from your group table.
  4. Is the weather accommodating? Yes, I know, weather is not always predictable. Especially if you are booking your offering well in advance. And sometimes you can create great insights out of big weather trials. But nobody wants to go on a retreat that purposely tests their stamina. So address the weather conditions you can address. Are you going on retreat at a time when you are more likely to experience... slushy Spring thaws, hurricane season, flooding, unbearable hot or cold temperatures unending rain? Sometimes you can get a good booking deal from a venue during these "uncomfortable" seasons. Is it worth it?
  5. And what about the flora and fauna conditions? Are you retreating in high pollen season, high mosquito or other biting insects conditions, during full wildflower bloom, or when majestic and "special" wildlife can easily be seen? 
  6. What does your environment smell like? Not everyone can tolerate heavy, earthy, moldy, and intense (even the good ones) smells. Give every tent, room, site and trail your "fussy" sniff test. 
  7. And just what are you listening to in this environment? Why do we go into nature? To hear and see it, right? Bubbling rivers and creeks, lapping waves on the beach, crickets, birds, the call of the loons or the wolves, the Whippoorwill at dusk and the owl in the middle of the night... these are the nature sounds we crave. Is there a jet flying over every few minutes? Can you hear highway traffic from your little getaway? Even the delightful sound of children playing can be too much when you are trying to host an outing for adults. Pay attention to not only these sounds, but the time of day you might hear them. A rowdy party down by the pool at midnight just does not get it unless it's your party.
 This list is just to get you started. Look at your environment critically. Make good decisions about what you would like to see, hear, feel, smell and touch if you were on this offering. Be Fussy.
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