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Friday, November 1, 2013

Birthday and Holiday Cards and Gifts

Do you collect information about your Adventure Retreat participant's birthdays, favorite holidays and other days-to-remember? Consider do so. It's easy to collect during your retreat registration process.

Yes, even in this day of facebook where we are privy to lots of info about those we connect with, there's nothing like a unique acknowledgement

Consider creating a list of dates for anyone who has attended your offerings. Send them a little love with a card and maybe a gift of a discount or even free registration for your next getaway.

An easy way to get this done is to enter your participant's information in an online service like Send Out Cards. Cards are customizable, including a photo you may have of this person from a previous adventure with you. Or you can send out the same customized card to everyone for a special adventure retreat announcement or a holiday. You can also send gifts right from the site.

One tip: Try switching up your holidays. Christmas cards get lost during the season. Maybe you want to spread a little love during Halloween or May Day. Shake it up. Do you know that National Play Outside Day is the first Saturday of every month?

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