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Monday, November 18, 2013

Glamping Hub

Unique Access to the Outdoors

Are you familiar with Glamping, or Glamorous Camping? Gamping is fast becoming a popular way to be in nature, adventure and retreat with some of the comforts of and luxuries of home or hotel.

Glamping Hub is an outstanding resource if you are considering this new way of being in nature.

  • Know where you're going? Simply click on your Glamping Destination. 
  • Want to Glamp in a specific way? Choose from yurts, tree houses, tipis, tents, caravans and cabins.
  • Want to vacation in an ecologically sensitive way? Solar power, composting toilets, collected water and even working gardens can be part of your experience.
  • Want to travel while you glamp? Caravans are an option.
  • What a child- or pet-friendly glamping experience. That's available too.

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