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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


NASA's Sky Events Calendar (SKYCAL) is a website you want to visit once you've scheduled your next overnight Adventure Retreat. It's always nice to treat your participants to a night-sky event and perhaps even tie that event to your retreat theme.

Search by date, time zone and even the type of event which interests you.

We want to help you Take It Outside. Do you have a business or a division of your business that would benefit from offering retreats and adventures? First go check out our Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team and then give us a call or an email. In adventure, Patt and Deb

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Walking With the Wild Wind by Walkin' Jim Stoltz

Walking with the Wild Wind: Reflections on a Montana Journey

 This wonderful read tells the tales and adventures of a long-distance walker who was also a folk singer, environmental activist and artist. Jim walked the out-of-the-way places for many summers, covering over 25,000 miles.

If hiking and walking are part of your adventure retreat activities, this book will give you many, many insights to share with your participants.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Our last post about Jack & Olive Retreats suggests a point I'd like to elaborate on.

Jack & Olive Retreats does 4 things well:
  1. They stick to one location, New Zealand. This gives them the opportunity to position their offerings as the service to use if you want to retreat in New Zealand.
  2. They are all about luxury and you find that word used throughout their website. If you're looking for a luxury retreat, they're going to pop up on your search.
  3. They also are strong in providing Health and Wellness activities and consultations. Because health and wellness is what they specialize in, they can be the experts.
  4. And they personalize. Even though you're with others on one of their retreats, you get individualized attention. This distinguishes them from providers who put everyone into their "planned" program.
Do you have to model your offerings after theirs? Of course not. It is to your advantage, however, to discover the 3 (no less than 3, please) to 4 or 5 (no more than 5, please) things that will help you find your little piece of Adventure Retreat fame.

What do you want to become known for? Write it down. Zip us an email and we can schedule a 3-part Adventure Retreat Leader Coaching Session just for you.

Or, simply join our 2014 Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team and let us and others leader like yourself help you find your fame and make your own unique impression.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Join our 2014 Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team

Hello Adventurer
Welcome to an exciting New Year!

We are gearing up for our annual Success Team sessions and are asking YOU to join us. We begin on Tuesday, January 14 @ 6:30 pm ET.

If you are dreaming of leading adventures for your clients and customers as an exciting addition to your business this year, our Success Team is the perfect place to hang your hat.

Our Success Team, led by Deb and Patt, is a group of lively professionals who meet 6 times a year to discuss (you guessed it!) retreat-leading; all aspects of it. Our members run the gamut from newbies with just a seed of an idea to veteran retreat leaders who have led a few and are gearing up for more. Our motivating and playful conversations are rich with information and ideas for moving forward with your own retreat-leading plans. So whether you are in the dream stage of retreat leading or you already have one or two adventures under your belt, you’ll benefit greatly by being a member of the Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team.

Here is the basic 2014 Success Team Info:
Dates: Tuesdays January 14, March 11, May 13, July 8, September 9, and November 11
Time: 6:30-8pm ET
Your investment: $179 for the entire year. This includes all the Success Team calls, The Adventure Retreat Leader Audio Series (7 recordings plus playbook) and the Take it Outside Audio Intro (1 recording plus playbook)
NOTE: If you have already completed our Adventure Retreat Leader Teleclass Series or the Audio series, your investment is simply $150 for the entire year.

And now for a peek at what we’ll be covering this year, with more added along the way based on each member’s needs and wants.
  • An Ideal Retreat for YOU: What does your ideal retreat look like? How many? Where? Theme? Length? … What’s right for YOU? 
  • The Differences in Large vs Small Groups: What are the typical things you experience with small groups? Large groups? Pros and cons? 
  • Activities Anecdotes: Tips and techniques for moving a group along 
  • A Typical Retreat Participant: demographics, career stage, mental state and more.
  • The Hi/Low ranges for retreats: What is high end in terms of the "all in" dollar commitment of a participant? What is a low barrier to entry? 
  • What’s holding you back from leading retreats and adventures? 
Interested? Simply email Patt and she take care of the rest to get you started…. You’ll be so glad you decided to Take it Outside!

And…if you have others in your tribe who you know may be interested, please forward this on.
Looking forward to “seeing” you on Tuesday!
In Fun and Adventure, Patt and Deb

Monday, January 6, 2014

Jack and Olive Retreats

Here's another example of what others are doing in the Adventure and Retreat business, Jack & Olive Retreats. Some things Jack & Olive Retreats are doing that you might want to consider if it fits your target tribe are:
  • They are keeping it simple. They live in New Zealand and their packages are in NZ.
  • Jack & Olive Retreats is definitely all about luxury. No roughing it here. 
  • There's a strong Health and Wellness component to all their packages.
  • They personalize, including a "90-Day Personalized Comprehensive Health and Wellness Program" and a "Personal Wellness Consultation."
Their website does a good job of enrolling you in their email list.