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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Our last post about Jack & Olive Retreats suggests a point I'd like to elaborate on.

Jack & Olive Retreats does 4 things well:
  1. They stick to one location, New Zealand. This gives them the opportunity to position their offerings as the service to use if you want to retreat in New Zealand.
  2. They are all about luxury and you find that word used throughout their website. If you're looking for a luxury retreat, they're going to pop up on your search.
  3. They also are strong in providing Health and Wellness activities and consultations. Because health and wellness is what they specialize in, they can be the experts.
  4. And they personalize. Even though you're with others on one of their retreats, you get individualized attention. This distinguishes them from providers who put everyone into their "planned" program.
Do you have to model your offerings after theirs? Of course not. It is to your advantage, however, to discover the 3 (no less than 3, please) to 4 or 5 (no more than 5, please) things that will help you find your little piece of Adventure Retreat fame.

What do you want to become known for? Write it down. Zip us an email and we can schedule a 3-part Adventure Retreat Leader Coaching Session just for you.

Or, simply join our 2014 Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team and let us and others leader like yourself help you find your fame and make your own unique impression.
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