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Monday, February 10, 2014

Invest In YOU

Adventure Retreat Leading is an amazing opportunity and interest in becoming a Adventure Retreat Leader is growing, a lot!

Many of us are finding that leading adventures and retreats is not only a profitable part of our businesses but also an opportunity to enjoy more of what we love through our work.

So invest in YOU! Spend at least 10% of your Adventure Retreat Leading income on yourself:
  • Get some training in an area you'd like to discuss with your participants. What do you want to know more about that you'd love to share on your retreat?
  • Get some training in an activity you'd like your participants to experience. Even if you're working with an outfitter to provide the activity, it's a great idea to feel at ease in the activity yourself.
  • Take a photography class so you can better record your adventures and share your experiences in your marketing material.
  • Learn how to lead retreats and adventures better. See our training offering.
  • Take yourself on a planning adventure. Go somewhere you've always wanted to visit in order to better understand the place and what your participants will experience.
  • Learn about the wildlife, the plant life, the geography and the climate of the area in which you plan to take your participants.
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