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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Know Your Adventure or Retreat Vision

Even though we are all interested in offering Adventures, Retreats, Outings and Getaway, we each have a different vision of what that means. Do you know your vision?

Patt and I have worked and played with enough Leaders, Guides, Organizers, Coaches, Chiefs, Captains, Conductors and even the occasional Guru to know that you're all snowflakes; that is, no two of you are alike. And we're glad for that!

So I'm eager to help you get clear about your vision for taking your participants out to play. Because when you say retreat or adventure or outing to a potential participant, you'd better be ready to define what that means in YOUR business. If you don't have the details, assumptions WILL be made.

Here's the short list of what you need to get clear about:
  • The physical environment for your offerings. Even if you don't take people into the same environment each time, you probably have some preferences that define your offerings. For instance, I will always take my participants on or near the water and the location will be secluded. They need to expect to rough it. Another leader might always use a resort or B & B facility with amenities.
  • Who are your participants? We do suggest you remain open to the creativity everyone can bring to your offerings. Often you'll be pleasantly surprised when you are open. Yet there are some specifics in your vision. Close your eyes and picture yourself on your retreat or adventure. What do your participants look like? What are they wearing? How are they moving? Try not to be "age" specific but more "ability" specific. And for some of you, this will be all men or all women. That's okay. Get an image. 
  • What do you call yourself? Are you a leader? A presenter? A guide? A coach? What else? Each label gives us a different image. For instance, I call myself a Guide. Mostly because I offer fishing and wilderness adventures. I guide others to the fish and into the wilds. Others prefer Leader. And some don't want to lead at all. They simply want to facilitate or co-create. Do you want to be in charge of your offering or would you prefer that you and your participants make it happen together?
Once you have the vision... and this may take some time. Live with it for awhile before you try to articulate it... you'll be in a better position to attract all you want in your Adventure Retreat Leader business.

And don't let anyone or any notions hold you back... go ahead, call yourself a Muse. 
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