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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Put Yourself In The Middle

As you start to build your Adventure and Retreat business, you'll employ some of the usual tactics of joining groups or associations that cater to and support your type of business. That's a great idea. Research well and join one or two.

And if you really want to grow your business, create your own group. Becoming the hub, the center, the middle link in a group is far more effective then joining a group. Why? Because all the information, ideas, promotions and referrals flow through you.

Here are only a few options of the type of group you might want to create:
  • Other Adventure and Retreat Leaders
  • Venues who want to learn more about Adventure Retreat Leading as a way to expand their bookings.
  • Outfitters who would like to learn more about Adventure Retreat Leading as a way to expand their businesses.
 And remember, you're not confined to local businesses only. In the age of Webinars and Hangouts, geography doesn't mean a thing. 

So go ahead and join our Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team because we're full of good information like this. And also go out and create a success team of your own!
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