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Monday, June 2, 2014

Take It Outside!

Hello Adventurer,

We are now moving into prime time of the year for leading Outdoor Adventures. I’ve got kayaking, hiking, and stand-up paddleboard adventures planned; just to name a few. Check out Boomer Chick Adventures. And Deb will be taking her followers out for her Coach in a Boat Adventures in Northern Ontario.

We consistently hear from others how cool they think it is that we get to lead adventures like this as a fun component of our business. And we think it’s pretty cool, too!

If you are ready to begin leading your own outdoor adventures, we can help you.
Here are some options:
Then once you have some learning under your belt, sign on to join our remaining Adventure Retreat Leader Success Team calls for July 8, September 9, and November 11 (Only $75 for all three)

Check out the links on the right side of each page at Adventure Retreat Leader. There you will see our full list of resources and products. Choose what suits your fancy.

And please...if you have others in your professional circle who want to give leading outdoor adventures a whirl, please either zip us their name(s) and contact info or simply forward this message to them today. We really love helping folks Take it Outside!

Looking forward to helping YOU!
In Fun and Adventure, Patt and Deb
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