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Friday, June 13, 2014

Who Are Your Adventure and Retreat Centers of Influence

Centers of Influence are not necessarily your Adventure Retreat Collaborators like outfitters, venues, service providers, etc. But they can be.

Centers of Influence are not necessarily others in your industry (sometimes called competitors but I don't much believe in the old notion of competition). But they can be.

Centers of Influence are those people who like and admire what you do AND have a strong and large circle of connections. They want to share what you do with others and the have plenty of "others" with whom to share.

Now don't necessarily expect your Centers of Influence to want to join you on your adventures and retreats. They may not ever be your customers. Often their goal is not to join you or work with you. Many Centers of Influence assemble a large group of interesting friends doing very different things as a way to enjoy a variety people without every buying their offering, artwork, food, clothing, etc. But I promise, they will talk about you, connect you with others in ways you cannot do yourself and promote your business.

Strengthen your relationships with your Centers of Influence. Become part of their assembly of interesting, quirky, dynamic, and through-provoking friends.
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