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Monday, October 20, 2014

Convert Interest To Adventure Retreat Participants

Often we spend much time planning, preparing and publishing our upcoming Adventures and we ignore converting interest to participants. How many times have you enthusiastically shared a planned outing with someone only to find they have disappeared when you're ready to convert their expressed interest to an enthusiastic participant? The 3, 4, 5 or more individuals you were expecting to register can't be found.

This is common. Our excitement about our offering spills over when we are initially talking to others about our Adventure Retreat plans. They say things like "let me know when" or "I want to do that." But what are they responding to? Well, you, your energy and your personal excitement about delivering the outing.

What do you want these interested folks to respond to? What's in it for them is the best way to convert interest to participants. Practice your language. Know your getaway benefits and how they will inspire, help, energize and give to your participants. So drop the "I" language. It's not about you. Even drop the "We" language. It's not about you and your participants. Engage others with the word "You." It's about them.

Use your conversation to put each person you talk with in the middle of your offering now. Practice.
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