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Let Us Help You ... Take It Outside!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Time To Get Your Clients Outdoors. We Can Help.

If you’ve been playing with the idea of leading Adventure Retreats, NOW is time to jump off the fence and make it happen!

You will LOVE what we’ve got for you. It’s the PERFECT program to move you on an exciting path toward a new way of doing business!

We are so jazzed to roll out our upcoming 9-session teleclass series Designing and Hosting Successful Adventure Retreats in Nature starting February 3, 2015. And YOU ARE INVITED!

If you love the outdoors this series will change the way you do business. You will integrate your passion for outdoor fun and make it part of a playful business plan by leading Adventure Retreats.

It all begins February 3rd and if you sign on before December 8th you get all 9 sessions for $249 That’s just about $28 per class. A phenomenal deal!

We’re going to teach you stuff; LOTS of valuable stuff! We will give you our BEST and hold NOTHING back. And when you’ve led your first retreat, you’re going to thank us BIG TIME for helping you to make it a winner. Details are at Adventure Retreat Leader. Visit us at and discover just why this teleclass is for you!

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Take advantage of us… We’re here to help you Take It Outside!
In Adventure,
Patt and Deb
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