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Friday, January 9, 2015

May I Call You?

Such an easy question. And it has such big impact on building your Adventure Retreat business. Yet we are often reluctant to ask. So ask this question until it becomes automatic and easy.

Unless you've specifically made an appointment, most of your networking will be in public places and events. Often, for numerous reasons, the person you are talking with does not have the time to listen to all you have to say about your offerings. Or the environment in which you are trying to carry on the conversation is distracting and noisy.

Getting a phone number and permission to call opens up all kinds of time to generate interest. Your first call may be nothing more than setting a time for a second phone call or an in-person meeting. That's okay.

Just follow through and you'll create an environment that is much more conducive to being heard fully. You'll engage more people. You'll fill  more outings.

The Adventure Retreat Leader teleclass training begins February 3. Interested? May we call you? Simply zip me an email to with your interest and phone number and either Patt or I will follow up. Thanks!

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