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Friday, February 13, 2015

Get In Touch

Who do you want to join you on your Adventure Retreat outings? Do you know? Have you thought about your ideal Adventure Retreat participant?

If you are hoping to attract your perfect participants to your offering, it's essential to know, and keep in front of you, who you want to play with.

Here's our short list. Grab it and feel free to add on. Then post your list where you see it often.

The more you pay attention to your ideal participant, the easier marketing will be. Perhaps your marketing will even be effortless.

People who:
  1. are in touch with themselves.
  2. enjoy discovery 
  3. are curious
  4. can affording my offering
  5. embrace the unknown
  6. evolve me
  7. respect nature and the wilderness
  8. are playful
Get in touch with who you want on your adventures and you are in a better position to help them get in touch with themselves. Have fun!
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