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Friday, March 20, 2015


Want to lead more Retreats and Adventures? Smile!

Photos of you, smiling, in the very settings you intend to take your participants should be all over your advertising media.

So get out there, take a photographer (let's face it, we all know a selfie when we see one), have fun and smile.

Happy Spring, Everyone!
Patt and Deb

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Listen to Our March Adventure Retreat Leader Community Call

Thanks to all who joined us for call 3 of our year-long Adventure Retreat Leader Community Calls series.You asked some very insightful questions on this call and we appreciate you all for that.

Today's March 10 Community Call topic was: Scheduling Free Time on Your Outing

To listen to Community Call recording, simply click HERE.

Coming Up:

April 14: Our free Adventure Retreat Leader Community Call on the topic: Earings and Fees

In Adventure
Deb and Patt

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wellness Retreat Dos and Don'ts

Here's an informative article in the Huffington Post by Lauren Coles about The Dos and Don'ts of Planning a Wellness Retreat.

Bring someone to help coordinate, Build a relationship with the people who will be running the space, Explore outside your retreat center, and Keep the fun going after the trip ends are four topics this article addresses.

Much of what is in this article Patt and I teach in our Adventure Retreat Leader teleclass and audio series and we're in full agreement. So enjoy the read!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Join Our March Adventure Retreat Leader Community Call

Join the hosts Patt Osborne and Deb Martin to learn about leading Adventure Retreats in Nature.

Adventure Retreat Leader Community Calls meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 12 noon Eastern (NY) time.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 2015

Our next topic is Scheduling Free Time During Your Outing

Your hosts are Patt Osborne, PCC of Adventure Coach and Boomer Chick Adventures and Deb Martin, MCC, of Portage Transition Coaching and Wilderness Adventures.

For details about this and other free ARL Community Calls, visit Adventure Retreat Leader Community Calls.

It's time to get your clients outside!
Spring is just a couple weeks away. And if you’re like us, here at Adventure Retreat Leader, you’ve got outdoor adventures on your mind. If you’ve been wanting to get your clients and customers outside, now is a good time to get into planning mode.

Here are just a few resources to help you get going:
  1. Purchase our Downloadable Audio Series that includes 7 recordings of our detailed teleclass series plus the infallible 100-point Checklist and Playbook; all designed to give you everything you need to lead a successful and memorable outdoor adventure.
  2. Buy our Guide To Your Next Adventure, an excellent resource to use as you take yourself on your own adventure. 
  3. Join our free monthly Adventure Retreat Leader Community Calls 
  4. Subscribe to tips, weekly posts, and resources, plus upcoming reminders for our ARL Community Calls by giving us your email address. Simply find the "subscribe" box on the left-hand side of any page at Adventure Retreat Leader. You will find that we have TONS of valuable stuff to help you move forward with your own exciting ideas.
Let us help you Take It Outside!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

High Quality Offerings = Charging More

Do you want to charge more for your Adventures and Retreats as a way to make more money and/or work with fewer participants at a time? Here are just 5 of many ways to market your Adventures and Retreats as high-quality offerings:
  1. Create remarkable and memorable content. Whatever your theme, topic and environment, your content has to be remarkable. Your offering will not be memorable if you are presenting an environment and topic that has been done before, especially if your activities come right out of a "workshop" tool box. As you are planning every part of your offering, ask yourself, "How can I do and offer this AND make it memorable?" Memorable and Remarkable = High Quality.
  2. Create a lead-generator activity that gives your potential participants a taste of your remarkable and memorable offering. Whether you do this online or in person (we recommend both) make sure this activity "spoils" your participants. Think food, gifts, gift certificates, etc. Luxury = High Quality. BTW: You can experience "luxury" even roughing it in the wilds.
  3. Invite all your participants, present and past, to your exclusive adventure and retreat club. Offer club specials, freebies, and giveaways, especially for inviting others to join your offerings. Exclusivity = High Quality
  4. Don't market to your participants, invite them to join you. Literally, send out invitations. Invitations = High Quality
  5. Use fun, colorful, quality photos (and lots of them) of your environment in your materials. Pay for these photos if you have to. Professional Photos = High Quality