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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Visions And Missions

One of  my participants' favorite topics on my Adventure Retreats is to find their Vision and Mission. I admit, it is a delightful topic to tackle while one is away from those daily routines that can cause vision and mission confusion.

Also, there seems to be more and more social pressure to know your personal Vision and Mission. It's trendy and what individuals want to discover and talk about.

We find many Adventure Retreat participants are drawn to an outing about finding ones personal Vision and Mission. The perfect marketing scenario, right?

Must you have a Vision and a Mission to live your life well? No. Nor do you need to have a legacy (another popular retreat topic). But many people are curious to understand and eager to share their Vision and Mission, if only they knew what that was.

The topic is attractive. Yet, as the leader, remember to hold this topic lightly. Leaving your offering with a Vision and Mission is not required. And leaving without a Vision and Mission is not a failure.

Having said that, because having a Vision and a Mission is so popular and you're eager to offer a "Sold Out" outing, here a couple of tips to get you started:

A Vision is something you want for the world. It's bigger than you and many people have the same vision. It could be peace, clean water, a voice for everyone or animal care and dignity. 

Your Mission is the part you play toward that vision. What do you do to contribute to peace, clean water, a voice or animal dignity? You and others with the same Vision but different Missions (contributions) together get the Vision done!

It's that simple. Easily a weekend offering could be created with Day 1 devoted to Vision and Day 2 to Mission. 
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