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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Build Your Adventure Retreat Business by Starting with FULL Offerings

Start your Adventure Retreat and Outing business with full offerings.
  1. Plan your first outing. Make it small and simple enough that it will not cost you. Then FILL it. Do whatever it takes to fill this outing, including giving spots away. Then deliver an outstanding experience. TIP: In order to fill your first offering you must determine what FULL is! It does not need to be a large number. You simply have to decide what full means to you for this outing and go for that number. Let your participants know it's FULL.
  2. Plan your next outing. Again, simple and inexpensive for you. This Outing's theme can be totally different from the previous outing or it can be a continuation based on the same theme. But it must be different. Then fill it as before, doing whatever it takes. You'll likely find your income increases somewhat. But if not, fill it anyway with free spots. Then deliver an outstanding experience. TIP: This offering MUST be different than your first offering because you want participants from the first to want to join the 2nd, and 3rd and 4th....
  3. Plan your next outing and repeat step 2.
When your outings are full, you're more fun. When your outings are full your reputation grows. When your outings are full, you generate more followers more quickly.

Soon you'll be in a position to offer a multi-day offering and you'll have enough followers to join you and cover your costs of a more expensive outing.
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