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Friday, October 9, 2015

Start A New Business Your Way

If you are excited about becoming an Adventure Retreat Leader, sign up for our tips like this one, hear what we have to say, take what suits you and.... discard the rest and start YOUR OWN new business.

We have tips, we have examples, we have ideas, but it's YOUR business. This is a case where you DO reinvent the wheel. How do YOU want to lead adventures and retreats in nature? Do you want to lead adventures at all? What about retreats? Not into nature? We are, but this is your gig.

Too often we see new leaders trying to follow our models. And guess what? What works beautifully for us does not work for them.

We have good tips and advice. And our Adventure Retreat Leader Audio Series is outstanding! But this is your game, your offering, your invitation to others to come out and play with you.

You are NOT selling Adventures, Retreats or even Nature. You're selling your love of introducing others to themselves in an environment that nurtures you with activities that you love.

We're going to talk more about preparing your activities on our upcoming Adventure Retreat Leader Community Call on Tuesday. Please join us. It's free!

Oh, and worse than trying to replicate what Patt and I are doing is buying into the idea that you have to offer what potential participants want. Offer what you love and let the right participants find you. To offer what others' want because you're trying to follow the money will diminish you and your offering.
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