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Monday, November 23, 2015

Be Interesting

You've heard it before. When networking or dating or even communicating with coworkers, friends and family, "Be Interested, Not Interesting."

It's true as far as the "interested" part goes. Showing interest in others is good networking, good dating and, well, just plain polite. My mother taught me to be interested because it's the right way to communicate, not to mention I'd learn a lot. She also taught me to be a good conversationalist. And for that you also need to be interesting.

So I wish I could get my hands on the person who added "not interesting" to that little piece of advice. What?!

If you've been practicing being Interested at the expense of being Interesting, Stop It! Instead, be Interested AND Interesting. And I don't just mean as a networking, marketing, dating or communication technique. I mean because it's the best way to relate to others.

But I will say, if you've been practicing interested, not interesting as part of your Adventure and Retreat marketing technique, you're only using half of what's available to you, probably less.

People join you on your outings because you are interested in them, you enjoy them, AND because you entertain them, deliver something new they can explore, teach them another way of being, doing, learning. In short, because YOU ARE INTERESTING.

Number 5 on our 100-point Adventure and Retreat Leader Checklist: "I know that WHO I AM is as or more important that what I'm offering." This checklist, along with the Audio Series is on sale now through the end of the month at a significant discount. Interested?
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