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About Deb and Patt

Deb Martin

Deborah Martin is a Master Certified Coach, Professional Mentor Coach, writer, outdoor adventurer, fisherwoman, avid canoeist, and lover of nature.

In March of 1996, Deb began her coaching business, Portage. She has attracted an international clientele of leaders, high achievers, entrepreneurs, coaches and visionaries.

Deb is extraordinarily intuitive and  passionate about all things wild. She spends much of her time getting to know herself better and testing her limits in the wilderness. She gives Mother Nature credit for being her first coach. Deb taps into her insights gained from being outdoors to get amazing results with her clients.

In addition to her regular one-on-one coaching sessions, Deb combines her intuitive abilities and her passion for nature to offer Wilderness Adventure Coaching. “I think exploring oneself while in nature is one of the most powerful things we can do,” says Deb. Some of Deb’s adventures offer a very specific theme or topic. Other adventures, with small groups or one individual, are designed so each participant can get individualized coaching needs addressed.  In either case, with Mother Nature as the inspirational background, participants are moving forward at lightening speed, effortlessly!

One of Deb’s favorite places to explore is along the creeks and rivers in  her own Michigan backyard and the North Country Trail that runs along these waterways. Deb has also taken clients to the wild shores of South Manitou Island in Lake Michigan, her favorite Northern Ontario fishing camps, and the Caribbean beaches of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Deb has intentionally created a life of simplicity so  she can be outside, fishing, paddling, and taking the portage less traveled as much as possible.


Patt Osborne

Patt Osborne is a Professional Certified Life Coach, working with folks who seriously want to upgrade their Quality of Life. Since beginning her business in 2001, Patt has helped a myriad of clients get clear about what they REALLY want to do in their life and then co-create a plan to make that happen. Patt offers individual walk and talk coaching sessions, in-person group coaching, plus informational teleclasses and workshops on a variety of topics. She is a certified graduate of Coach University, as well as a member of The Graduate School of Coaching at CoachVille. Patt has earned a PCC designation through and the International Coach Federation (ICF)

As a Master Certified Retreat Leader, Patt leads Outdoor Adventure Retreats for individuals and business teams who want to reconnect with Nature while re-discovering their authentic selves. Those retreats include activities such as hiking, kayaking, horseback riding and more. She is currently having fun offering outings titled Boomer Chick Adventures for Baby Boomer women who want to get outside and play.

Patt is an adventuresome spirit who lives in the Pinelands of NJ and is a former teacher, avid reader, traveler, playful optimist, effective communicator, and lover of the outdoors.